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Airbus airplane cabin of the future offering innovated technology

(CNN) — Overhead luggage bins that illuminate in red when they’re full, an airplane seat tailored to your personal position preferences, seat belts that alert cabin crew when they’re unbuckled. And cameras outside restrooms.
This, according to Airbus, is what the airplane cabin of the very near future will look like.

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Mobile Passport: A Growing App to Help Beat Long Customs Lines

Have you heard of Mobile Passport yet? Or better yet, have you tried it? This free – yes free – mobile app is quickly becoming utilized at most major airports and saving travelers, and customs agents, tons of time. Continue reading Mobile Passport: A Growing App to Help Beat Long Customs Lines

Taking the surprise out of flying: Delta’s one-stop-shop for travel day forecasts

Listening and acting on customer feedback, Delta is launching an industry-leading daily operational information platform for customers. 

  • SkyWatch Daily Outlook, a customer-friendly version of Delta’s internal operational outlook will be published each morning to delta.com and the Fly Delta app.
  • SkyWatch provides behind-the-scenes information brought directly from Delta’s experts at its Operations & Customer Center (OCC), providing customers added transparency into potential impacts as it relates to their travel plans.
  • Weather information and airport operations information will be displayed on the SkyWatch page in a consolidated, easily digestible format for customers.

Information about Delta’s daily operational outlook will now be directly at customers’ fingertips with the launch of SkyWatch Daily Outlook — a customer-facing operational communications page. Starting Aug. 12, the page will be updated twice a day on weekdays and once a day Saturday through Sunday with the goal of communicating to customers about what to expect from the day’s anticipated flight operations in an easily digestible format and language of their choosing.

Content for the SkyWatch Daily Outlook reflects information shared each morning when operations and customer groups from across the airline meet for a briefing that highlights potential challenges to Delta’s flight operations for the day ahead. This behind-the-scenes operational information provides added transparency and greater awareness to those challenges that may impact customers’ flights.

“We want our customers to be informed and know what they can expect on their day of travel,” said Dave Holtz, Delta’s Senior Vice President — Operations and Customer Center. “Our teams in the OCC are committed to running the most customer-focused airline in the business, and preparing not only ourselves, but our customers for the day’s potential challenges each morning is core to that effort.”

Listening to feedback from first-time travelers to “Million Milers,” Delta has heard an overwhelming desire for a “one-stop-shop” where customers can learn about inclement weather and other potential challenges they may experience in their travels .

Seeing an opportunity to empower customers, teams in Delta’s Operations and Customer Center will use their understanding of flight operations, weather conditions, Air Traffic Control and more to assemble this information into a comprehensive, customer-friendly outlook each morning.

By: Drake Castaneda

Source: Delta News Hub

Facial Recognition Tech in Airports: What Travelers Need to Know

While using biometric systems like Clear to board flights without queuing might seem like a win for convenience, the technology raises concerns among privacy advocates. Meanwhile, Clear recently boasted that it has gained 1 million subscribers in the past year alone. What eager travelers may not realize is that they are paying $100 annually to open themselves up to considerable privacy and security risks. In the process, they are shaping opinion by normalizing invasive facial recognition habits that government snoops are smacking their lips about. Continue reading Facial Recognition Tech in Airports: What Travelers Need to Know

New Airplane Middle Seat Design to End the ‘Elbow Wars’

Getting stuck in the middle seat during a flight can be a nightmare for some travelers, but one company has developed a new design meant to alleviate that stress.
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