These Airlines and Airports Rank Highest in On-time Performance

For travelers looking to find out which airlines and airports provide superior punctuality performance, OAG released its annual On-time Performance (OTP) Star Ratings.

The annual rating system from the world’s leading provider of travel data awards airports and airlines that are in the top ten percent with five stars and the weakest performers receiving one star.

OAG found that Hawaiian Airlines was North America’s only five-star airline, while Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines and Spirit Airlines all earned four-star ratings.

As for the ratings of some of the top airports in the United States, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International and Detroit Metro Airport secured four stars, while Houston, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Denver, Seattle, Phoenix and New York’s JFK earned three-star ratings.

Chicago’s O’Hare, Boston, San Francisco and Dallas-Fort Worth all earned two stars.

“The strength of Spirit and Southwest’s OTP compared to their mainline counterparts is the result of thoughtful network selections and the strategic use of secondary airports, which provide more opportunity for operational recovery,” OAG senior analyst John Grant said in a statement. “Delta continues to successfully prioritize OTP and separate itself from its two biggest competitors in North America.”

Hawaii is home to the top three most punctual airports in North America, with Hilo, Lihue and Honolulu, which all received five-star ratings. As for Canada’s largest airlines, WestJet and Air Canada secured three and two stars, respectively.

By: Donald Wood

Source: Travel Pulse