Greater Control of Accommodations Leads Business Travelers to Anticipate Trips More

Eighty-eight percent of travelers look forward to a business trip if they can choose the accommodation style they want, and 84 percent are more inclined to travel within corporate policy if more accommodation options are available, according to BridgeStreet’s recent Online Guest Survey of 129 clients and customers, half of whom self-reported as nonmanagement employees.

And according to the company’s recent Business Travel Survey of 100 business travelers, 36 percent ranked choice in accommodation as more important than cost savings or ease of booking. Sixty-two percent like to control their own bookings, compared to 22 percent that would rather their company handle them; 16 percent choose neither, indicating instead they’d like more reliable travel options to work with. Forty-two percent said their company provides incentivizes to comply with travel policy. Forty-eight percent are willing to try alternative accommodations and the sharing economy for business travel.

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Two-thirds of respondents to the Online Guest Survey say traditional hotels most interest or apply to them, given their career level or position. Other options were extended stay, serviced apartments, fully furnished homes and design-inspired hostels. Asked what they expect and value most from their business travel accommodations, travelers most frequently mention comfort and convenience.

Thirty-seven percent say proximity to work is more important than an authentic travel experience, while 29 percent say the reverse and 34 percent say they’re equally important, according to the Online Guest Survey. Two-thirds say a combination of great accommodations and cultural/lifestyle attractions improve their productivity while traveling for business.

By: Dawit Habtemariam

Source: Business Travel News