United Airlines Extends Use Of Flight-Connection Optimizer

By fall, United will extend to all hubs its usage of a data tool designed to reduce the number of missed flight connections.

The carrier has also gone live in each of its seven hubs with a tool that sends text messages to connecting customers with clear directions to the gate for their connecting flight and information about how long the walk will take.

United launched what it now calls ConnectionSaver on all flights at Denver Airport in February and has since expanded it to Chicago O’Hare. The tool scans flights for customers who are making tight connections to determine if the connecting flight can be held without inconveniencing other customers.

ConnectionSaver takes into account factors such as the time it will take for late connecting customers to travel gate-to-gate as well as the impact the hold may have on other flights and customers. United says that since its launch in Denver, more than 14,400 customers have made their connection as a result. Flights that were held for connecting customers were delayed an average of six minutes.

United said it will eventually roll the tool out to all of airports where it operates.

The carrier went live with the associated texting tool last Friday. Customers who opt in will receive a text upon landing at their connecting airport that tells them the gate where they are arriving, the gate where they will depart and the expected travel time between the two gates. The texts will also include a link with directions to the next gate and a map of nearby amenities.

By: Robert Silk

Source:  Travel Weekly