Frequent Business Travelers Need More Sleep to Survive

October 20th, 2018|

I’m tired, you’re tired, we’re all tired when we travel for work. It’s leading employees to burn out and quit, causing problems for travel managers and companies that push their workers too hard. Some sleep and nicer flights can help.— Andrew Sheivachman Business travel burnout is real, and those who travel the most tend to have the highest risk of negative health effects and inevitably quitting their job for something involving fewer treks away from home. […]

American Airlines, Los Angeles World Airports Break Ground on $1.6 Billion Reimagining of Terminals 4 and 5

October 19th, 2018|

American Airlines and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) officially broke ground on a $1.6 billion modernization project to fully reimagine Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminals 4 and 5. The project marks American’s largest individual investment at an airport in its 92-year history and reaffirms the airline’s commitment to Los Angeles. […]

Delta Cargo to extend Bluetooth tracking to off-airport customer facilities

October 17th, 2018|

Following the announcement earlier in the year that Delta will be providing real-time tracking for unit load devices (ULDs), the offering has now been extended to cargo businesses based off airport. This will enable customers to have end-to-end tracking of the ULDs starting in their own warehouses throughout the journey to the final destination. […]

The Promise of China’s Enormous Corporate Travel Market

October 12th, 2018|

Business travel continues to grow in the world’s largest market, presenting significant opportunities for Western travel management companies. The prize is two-fold: winning global accounts from multinationals tapping into China’s growth and taking a share of the enormous domestic market as it matures. […]

Hyatt Acquisition Adds Five Brands

October 11th, 2018|

Hyatt Hotels Corp. plans to acquire Two Roads Hospitality, a hotel management company that operates lifestyle brands Alila, Destination Hotels, Joie de Vivre, Thompson Hotels and Tommie. […]

When will we have a nationwide toll transponder system?

October 9th, 2018|

Maybe you’ve never heard of tolling system interoperability, but you know what it is. If you’re not sure, try driving from Washington to Miami with your E-ZPass transponder suction-cupped to the dashboard of your car.  […]

Delta set to launch nation’s first ‘biometric terminal’ in Atlanta

October 5th, 2018|

In a major development for the use of facial recognition technology at airports, Delta will enable the first fully biometric airport journeys in the U.S. in December.  […]

Will Embedded SIM Cards Relieve Corporate Travel Roaming Charges?

October 3rd, 2018|

A feature in the iPhones that Apple unveiled this month could drastically reduce high international mobile roaming charges, a major hidden cost of business travel.  […]

Avis Launches Curbside Delivery Vehicle Returns

September 28th, 2018|

For many travelers, the schlep of having to return a rental car can be a low light for any journey. Particularly for travelers in large groups or with a significant amount of bulky luggage, the additional time and hassle of returning a rental car can leave many wishing they’d dispensed with a rental vehicle altogether. […]

Bill Banning Non-Members From TSA Pre-Check Passes House

September 27th, 2018|

Have you noticed longer lines at TSA Pre-Check lately? Sometimes, in order to alleviate congestion in main security lines, travelers viewed as low-risk have been allowed into Pre-Check lanes. However, those passengers have not necessarily been pre-screened or paid the membership fees associated with Pre-Check lanes—and screened members have noticed and their voices are being heard. […]

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